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  • Who is Cait Morrigan?

    Cait Morrigan is a writer and passionate about helping people find fulfilling relationships. In fact, she got the idea for Simply Men and Women while driving for Lyft and Uber when passengers would ask for her advice on their dating problems and pitfalls. In fact, I started giving away so much quality dating advice that I decided to turn it into a business.


    The whole concept for Simply Men and Women started about six years ago when I was talking to a friend- completely devastated by a break up. I had a blog and then got rid of it (although no idea why). A few years later, I discovered The Rules and it absolutely transformed my dating life! Instead of dating guys who weren't that serious, I started dating men who treated me with respect and taking me seriously. Instead of feeling like I had to ask men on dates (under the guise of "being gutsy and confident"), I started getting asked out on dates. If dating is a game, The Rules are the playbook.


    However, as a millennial, many of my friends aren't having that much luck. They end up in dead-end relationships that end up wasting years of their lives. They sometimes spend years with someone who ends up breaking their heart and wasting years of their life. While their friends are settling down with "The One", they have to rebuild their dating lives, shattered self-esteem, and go back to the endless cycle of singles events, bad blind dates, and dating apps.


    It breaks my heart to see women- especially in my generation- wasting their dating years with men who aren't serious, won't marry them, and waste their time. My goal is to help modern women- especially young millennials- find the love that they deserve.


    Unlike many coaches, I'm in the dating trenches and am actively trying out what does and does not work. In my years before The Rules, I made every mistake in the world and learned. Let me help you!





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