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Five Reasons Why He Isn't Asking You Out That Have Nothing To Do With You

· dating advice

Sometimes, the guy you like isn't asking you out. However, here are ten (very valid) reasons why:

  1.  He's gay. He may just like you as a friend but, not be attracted to you (or any other woman).
  2. You aren't his type. Men go for a certain look. If you aren't his look, he's not attracted. If he's not attracted to you, he isn't interested. Simply put: he just isn't that into you.
  3. He has a weird fetish. It could be anything but, he may know you aren't into it. So, he's not asking you out.
  4. He's married or has a girlfriend. When it comes to you, he can look but, can't touch.
  5. He's otherwise unavailable. He may be going through a rough patch in life and need to sort himself out- whether it's with school, finding a job, or recovering from a divorce. He may like you but, need to get his life together first.

Regardless, sometimes the reason why he isn't asking you out has nothing to do with you. Your best option is to date multiple people. If he asks you out, that's great. But, if not? Don't worry about it. That doesn't mean something is wrong with you- just that he isn't right for you.

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