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Guys Aren't That Shy

· Understanding Men

Guys aren't that shy. They may be shy. But, if they see a girl they like that much, they will grow a pair and approach her. Also, if he's so shy that you have to approach him, he may be a pushover or shy in other places. You don't want this.

I'm currently seeing one of those "shy guys". It's not serious and we're far from exclusive. But, guess what? He can pick up the phone, call me, and ask me out like any other guy! I'm still not sure how I feel about him. But, he can pick a restaurant (although I have severe dietary restrictions and have to give suggestions so I don't end up in the Emergency Room). He isn't super talkative but, can carry on a conversation. He isn't the most exciting, but, he's nice, pays on dates, shows up, and I have fun.

With shy guys, it can take them a bit to open up. I'm an introvert and I get it. I'm an outgoing introvert but, still an INTJ. I hate starting conversations, would be a horrible talk show host, and feel awkward on camera. I'm pretty confident. But, it's hard to watch my Facebook Lives (I seldom do).

I was recently at a wedding and it took a while to talk to anyone. The only reason why I did was because my friend's family couldn't believe I flew to Utah for his wedding. The other reason? One of his sisters has chickens and I asked to be introduced to the "chicken sister" (I found out she has ducks, dogs, and cats too!).

But, even if he's shy, introverted, etc, he can make the first move and talk to you. There is no reason to ask a man out, propose to him, or talk to him first.

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