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He Needs To Be The More Interested Party

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When it comes to dating, he needs to be the more interested party. Maybe you're crazy about him deep down but, it needs to appear that way. Gradually, you can show him a bit more of how you feel. But, GIVE IT TIME. Rushing into a relationship and whirlwind courtships seldom (if ever) end well.

Don't get me wrong- you should be interested in him too. In fact, you should be equally crazy about him. I don't advocate settling at all. BUT, you need to focus more on being calm, cool and collected. Do The Rules, set boundaries, and set the tone for the relationship from Day One.

If a man is in love with you, he comes to you and pursues you. It may take him a bit to figure it out so, be patient. But, if he's serious, he picks you up, pays on dates, celebrates Valentine's Day and your birthday, and shows you with his actions. His words may help but, is actions have to back it up. Ultimately, his action should be asking you to marry him when the timing is right. But, if he isn't pursuing you, he isn't someone you want to marry.

Under no circumstances should you pursue him. In all honesty, you shouldn't have to. If you have to, something is very wrong. When I say there is no reason to pursue a man, it's because there literally is no reason. Ever. It's a waste of time and he will likely leave for the woman he was really interested in. Instead of pursuing him, pursue other opportunities to meet men and throw yourself into that. Join a gym, pick up a hobby where there are a lot of men (like a sport), take social actions, ask people to set you up, put up dating profiles (I can help!), and anything else you can think of. Also, focus on being calm, cool and collected. Focus on being a gracious receiver as well to bring out his masculine energy.

If you need more help, book a consultation ASAP and let me help you.

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