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Is Being a Girlfriend Overrated?

Is there a point to being a girlfriend after a certain point in life? Don’t get me wrong- it makes sense in high school and college when marriage or long-term commitment isn’t on the horizon for most of us.

Many people who give advice talk about how a man will tell you that you are “on the path to a ring”. Frankly, I think this is ridiculous. Why? Talk is cheap. If a man wants to marry you, he will let you know. If he doesn’t, he will let you know. It may take a few months to figure out if you are a good match but, he will ultimately tell you if he sees a future with you or not- regardless of what that looks like.

While you two are figuring it out, I recommend keeping your options open. Why? Being a girlfriend is pointless. Think about it: what does that even mean after a certain point in life? Honestly, it means nothing. Without a more formal commitment where both parties are on the same page and they know that neither are going anywhere, exclusivity should not be an expectation. Instead, it should be an option.Your partner should consistently show up and do what they need to do because they want to- not because they feel indebted to you. Your partner should aim to do the right thing in a relationship with you because they want to- not because they are your “boyfriend”.

With that being said, there is nothing wrong if you want to be a “girlfriend” for a while. That decision is ultimately up to you. However, it isn’t a necessity. As long as it comes from an honest place of owning your desires and you aren’t using it as a tactic, it is fair to forego being a girlfriend and keep your options open until engaged.

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