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Is Virtual Dating Worth It?

While some people will find love with “virtual dates”, won’t. They will end up wasting time that could have been used bettering themselves. When you better yourself, you attract better people. Virtual Dates are more or less a pen pal that you Facetime with. While nice, is there a point? Not unless you can see it for what it is.

While I do advise video chatting before a first date to make sure that the other person looks like their photos, I don’t feel that it’s a healthy standard for a whole relationship. While women are notorious for lying about their appearance on dating apps, men do it frequently too. Besides appearance, it’s significantly easier to hide unflattering details about yourself on a “virtual date” than it is in person. If you don’t meet someone in person, you do not have a relationship with them. Instead, you have a fantasy. While I understand that many things have changed, some things have not.

Instead of virtual dates, focus on yourself. You have more time, right? Use it to your advantage! Learn and grow as a person. Use this time to think about what you can do to prepare yourself to date after Covid ends and find the right person.

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