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It's Your Birthright To Be Pursued

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Somewhere along the line, women accepted being treated as second best. Disguised as egalitarianism, splitting the bill, having to ask men out, and accepting crumbs became acceptable. Despite making gains in the work place, household, politics, and many other fields I could list, most women have gone backwards in relationships. But, why?

Here's the thing, ladies: old fashioned courtship works. It may seem outdated. Supposed modern woman will tell you it's sexist, entitled or anything else. They're just insecure. Under no circumstances should you feel guilty about expecting a man to pursue you. Also, a man should absolutely be a well-mannered, chivalrous gentleman.

If a man is serious about you, he will pursue you. No exceptions, no questions asked. Many people try to make love complicated but, some things just aren't. That isn't to say dating isn't an exercise in patience- it totally is. But, with what I teach, dating becomes significantly easier.

Old fashioned courtship has nothing to do with how egalitarian a marriage will be either. Most couples I know have more or less egalitarian marriages where the spouse helps out with the kids, around the house, etc. In all honesty, that's a fair expectation in any marriage and old fashioned courtship has nothing to do with that. However, old fashioned courtship will tell you if a man is serious or not. Setting boundaries and standards quietly will also weed out men who aren't serious about you or suitable for you.

Are some things outdated when it comes to marriage and engagements? To some, they are. But, as far as a courtship, there's a certain biological order of things. Man pursues and courts woman. He also asks her to marry him.


Ladies, don't let some bitter women tell you otherwise. You are worthy of a man's pursuit. In fact, it's your birthright.

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