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Lizzo: The Ultimate CUAO

As some of you may know, I am a HUGE fan of any kind of music. While I have known about Lizzo for a while, I've gotten into her music a lot lately and highly recommend it to anyone. You simply can't be sad listening to her music! You will instantly be transported into CUAO mode. I will forewarn you: some of her tracks have strong language and sexual overtones. But, her vibe is all about loving yourself and feeling sexy with or without a man.

"Juice" is one of her feel good tracks. The context could be X-Rated but, let's keep it PG here. "Juice" is the je ne sais quoi that only you have. No one else has it. Guess what? That's your superpower. That's what makes men want you. A lot of women don't realize they have it. It's sad but, it gives you an advantage. Men might think they can do better but, after being asked for his Venmo or attracting women with the IQ of plant life, he will realize that you're a catch (as will a lot of other men). It doesn't matter what you do for a living, what you look like, or anything else. Your "juice" is what attracts and keeps him.

If you're a woman who is feeling down, "Good as Hell" is for you. He thinks he can do better? Let him have a rude awakening and crawl back to you (they usually do). And if he leaves? Forget him. He's too stupid to deserve you and will have to fight like hell to even think about getting you back.

"Tempo" is about loving your body and it's fun to dance to. It's not the deepest track but, good to get revved up and feeling sexy-whether by yourself or before date night. I'm actually listening to it now.

"Truth Hurts" is basically about how it's better to be alone than with Mr. Wrong. Want to get over him? Wash him out of your hair, have some fun, and turn the attention back to yourself. You have no problem being single and holding out for what you want. It's not being a diva- it's having standards.

I've noticed that a lot of woman feel incomplete without a man. They want to have a baby and need a man (I never understood this and won't get into adoption, sperm donors, fostering, etc). They don't want to be alone and need a man (even though he can leave and probably will if you're that needy). They want someone to take them out and show them off on Saturday nights (I get this one but, you need to show off yourself sometimes). They're needy (which is the biggest turn off ever to anyone- male or female). The only men that like clingy women are men with issues. Men claim to like them but, they only like them for about five minutes (if that). As Lizzo's music states, you've gotta be happy single before you can be happy taken.

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