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For any non-Mormon readers, an NCMO is short for "non-committal make out". It's basically the Mormon version of a booty call or one night stand. While I will admit that I decided to "wait until marriage" after converting to the church at twenty-five, I will say that any type of non-committal physical act is seldom a good idea. Speaking from experience, this is something to hold off on.

Hooking up casually is seldom casual- whether making out or more. For men, it isn't a huge deal. But, women have stronger levels of the hormone Oxytocin. When we get more physical, those hormones go into overdrive and cause us to get more attached. If you end up having this in a "casual" hook up, things tend to be less than casual for women. This is why you should save anything physical for farther down the road.

One of my mom's favorite sayings is "Passion covers a multitude of sins". Do you ever look back at a relationship and think "Gosh, what was I thinking?". Oxytocin. Have you ever done anything physical too soon and got hooked even though you weren't that into the guy at first? Again, Oxytocin. The hormone itself is almost like a drug. Men and women can be equal in a lot of ways but, they aren't equal here. Trust me.

For anything physical to happen, it needs to be after exclusivity, at least ninety days, AND he has to tell you he loves you. As a woman, you tell him nothing. Got it? A peck on the lips or cheek is it until that point. A little cuddling is okay as well. But, save anything heavy for later- waiting for marriage or not.

It may seem sexy and fun. There are also very few women who can handle any type of non-committal hook up. However, these are few and far between. Chances are- you aren't one of them

So, no NCMOs. No making out heavily in public. Rules Girls don't need to hook up. In fact, it's sexiest when a woman could sleep (or engage in an NCMO) with anyone but chooses to hold off. Why? It creates rarity and scarcity. Diamonds, gold and pearls are all valuable because they are rare and scarce. Plus, you have to study his behavior and take mental notes- which you can't do pumped up on Oxytocin.

Real men court you. Real men date you. Real men take care of you and respect your boundaries. Don't date a sleazeball- date a man who treats you with respect. Respect yourself.

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