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Relationship TV Review:Medium

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I've recently been hooked on the show Medium and watched all seven seasons on Amazon Prime. Some of you may not know this, but I am very spiritual and believe in ghosts and mediums. In fact, I saw one after my best friend's suicide and it was a very powerful experience. So, the show seemed fitting.

I first started watching the show after my late best friend's mother recommended a book by Allison DuBois, who the show is based on. In real life, Allison DuBois is a medium who helped the police fight crime while being married and raising three girls. In the show, she does the same thing.

Caught in the middle is her very practical, by the book husband, Joe. Until she started being open about her experiences, Joe was wary about accepting her abilities. As an engineer, he feels that it isn't real since science can't prove it. To make things more interesting, all three of her daughters have experiences as mediums as well.

However, Joe is a loving husband. They don't have the perfect marriage but, they support each other and compromise to their ability. Crazy about his wife, Joe accepts her quirks and accepts her for is. In fact, he supports her in her unusual career. She also supports him to the best of her ability- including trying to cook, even though she is a terrible cook.

He also goes above and beyond to protect his family. For example, their daughters sleepwalk and grafitti an abandoned house in their neighborhood unconsciously. So, he goes behind them to paint over it to keep the neighbors happy. Both partners are also affectionate and listen to each other.

If you haven't seen it, Medium is addicting and definitely worth watching!

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