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Rotational Dating

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After taking a year off from dating, I recently started getting back into the dating game. I had an active dating life before my dating fast but, needed some time to sort some stuff out on my end.

Almost immediately after my dating fast ended, I was asked out in a week. He's a great guy and, naturally, feelings developed on both ends. While exciting, it's terrifying at the same time. While I'm by no means exclusive with anyone (yet), I can get attached fairly easily and it's hard for me to lean back in a relationship. While I may be a coach, some things are easier said than done.

While starting my coaching business, I started following other dating coaches and experts. I've been doing this for years and have been doing it more so now. It's partially opposition research but, it's more. It's a way to potentially network and improve my own love life. Most of us give out a ton of free information. Why not take advantage of it?

Recently, I came across Rori Raye and Sami Wunder. I've watched a few of Sami's videos and she seems phenomenal. I don't know much about Rori Raye but, would definitely be interested in learning more about them. Regardless, they both talk about an interesting concept: rotational dating.

The basic point of rotational dating is to date multiple people until he proposes. There are some other places where I've read that it's until a certain level of commitment. In dating, competition certainly isn't bad. Men are hunters and you are the ultimate prize.You get to decide who works best, have all the power, and the right one will work the hardest to get you.

Now, I actually know someone who did this (on accident!) and is happily married to a man who adores her. Basically, she lived her life, wasn't interested in anyone, and somehow attracted Mr. Right.

As long as it's just casual, I don't think there's anything wrong with it. But, you shouldn't be doing any more than making out and under no circumstances should you sleep with all of these guys you're dating. That never ends well for anyone and only leads in drama.

Also, don't intentionally try to make him jealous. Trust me, if you're calm, cool, and collected, you won't need to. Just show up and look beautiful. Be confident and radiate confident energy. If you find yourself anxiously checking your phone, do something else. But, under no circumstances should you try to make him jealous. This never works!

Personally, I have done this a few times. In all honesty, I only get about one day off so, I was bad to let a man monopolize that day. I'm booked literally from 6 AM when I get up until 10 PM when it's time to wind down most weeks. But, Saturdays and sometimes a few hours on Sunday are available. But, when I have dated multiple men, someone usually came out on top. It was the easiest way to find out who was serious.

Pre-Rules, I remember dating two guys while I was on a college visit in Charleston, SC. I was about nineteen at the time and didn't know about The Rules yet. Well, there were two guys vying for my attention. Long story short, both pursued me heavily and I ended up dating one for four months. In fact, he was one of the four serious relationships that I've been in. There have been other times when I was dating multiple people less seriously. Men want something rare and in demand. Hint: that's you.

As far as I'm concerned, you should definitely be doing this until exclusivity- even until he drops the l-bomb. If you want to wait until you're engaged, that could work. However, I'm not sure what the logistics of that look like. But, there's no reason not to date other men until you're exclusive and he tells you that he loves you. If he's a smart and quality man, he will book all of your free time. Now, keep in mind, that should only be once or twice a week. If he's really smart, he will lock you down, court you, and marry you. Don't worry about other women or feel guilty- men do it all the time. Why can't you?

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