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Stop Blaming COVID

COVID didn’t ruin your chance to find love. It delayed it- probably for the best. Pandemics always pass. This one will too. If you are becoming the best version of yourself, you will probably attract the right person when all of this passes.


COVID didn’t make your partner leave-it simply exposed issues that could not be resolved. Quarantine just made you face them. Instead of work, hobbies, or other places to hide, they came at you head on.

COVID didn’t ruin your chance to have a family- it just delayed it. There isn’t one way to have a family. While I understand that I don’t easily sympathize with this, most people forget that there are other options. Fertility treatments, adoption, fostering and many other options exist to have a family.


Wasn’t the job you lost during COVID the job you constantly complained about before all of this started? Wasn’t the highlight of your day gossiping about Karen and Rick at the water cooler instead of actually working? Harsh, but, you have time now that you complained about not having then.


Stop blaming COVID. It threw a wrench in a lot of plans. We’re all making sacrifices- some bigger than others. Times are HARD. However, that’s life. It happens to all of us. Comparing, complaining and trying to compete with someone about how you have it worse helps no one. Having a pity party won’t solve your problems.


Instead of feeling sorry for yourself, shift your perspective and be grateful for what’s going right in your life. Those parents you may want to strangle may not be here next year. The boredom you’re complaining about is the time to reinvent yourself. The kids that are driving you crazy may want nothing to do with you next year. That job you were let go of is creating room for that book you wanted to write or business you wanted to start.


Instead of being inundated with the news and social media, do that thing you always wanted to do. So what if it doesn’t result in a promotion or accolade? Does it make you happy? That’s what matters.

While times are hard, hang in there. Be patient and ride it out. Shifting your perspective may not solve EVERY problem. But, it will solve a lot.


Hang in there- everything will be okay.

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