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Treat Him Like The Guy At The Grocery Store

· dating advice

Don't treat a man that you're dating like he's that important- especially in the early phase of dating and meeting men. Honestly, in the early phase of dating, a man shouldn't be that important. You should have to do more than show up, look lovely, and be lovely. The only gift you give him is the gift of your presence. Some other coaches have said "You are the gift". Nothing could be more accurate.

This is especially true if he's high profile or really attractive. These men are used to women fawning all over him. Don't be that woman- ever. After you're married, you can fawn all over him a little bit. But, not in the early stages. Men like this especially date the one woman who could care less about him at first.


So, how do you treat him? Just like the guy at the grocery store. You are cordial, polite, and lovely. He's just there- most likely admiring you. If he's into you, he's figuring out how to win you over and pick the seemingly forbidden fruit.

In the early stages of dating, he assumes all the risk. All you should do is show up and let him do the leg work. Don't clean his house or make him dinner (ever). Under no circumstance should you pay for a date. Until you're exclusive, you date multiple people. How many? As many as your schedule allows. You don't get attached too early and you play it cool. If he's Mr. Right, he will step up to the plate. If he isn't, he falls off to the side and it's just not meant to be. After you're engaged/married and move in together, it can be more egalitarian. But, for now, just show up and treat him like the guy at the grocery store.

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