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I've noticed a trend among women in my age group: the wedding pinboard. Most women have Pinterest accounts and many of us have wedding pinboards. Guilty as charged. Mine has everything from dress ideas to "how to elope" and "how to make a courthouse wedding special". I'm lazy when it comes to event planning. Maybe it will be my thing one day. But, probably not soon. As long as I get a romantic, thought out proposal, I'm happy. I could care less about the ring (just not silver, okay?). If he proposes to me while we're sitting on the couch, the answer is "hell no". I couldn't live with a man who did that.

As a general rule, wedding pinboards can speed things up or freak him out if he comes across it. If you want to freak out a guy, this is a good way to do it. Pinboards titled "weddings" and "babies" or anything along those lines will freak him out. If he sees them or they make you fantasize about your life with him, CALM DOWN. Worry about those things after you are engaged.

I've noticed women assume the wife or fiancee position early on. Usually, this happens when they are living with a guy. They start posting or saying stuff like "on our big day" or "whenever we have kids". It usually backfires. Sometimes, a guy will cave and propose. But, it's better to be safe than sorry. You want him to propose because he wants to- not because you forced him.

But, what about that cute dress that would be perfect for your big day or the perfect venue? Maybe certain things you would like to try on your wedding night? Regardless of the content, tread carefully. Keep your pinboard but, make sure it's PRIVATE. All of mine are. If you catch yourself daydreaming, lay off Pinterest (which is hard) and book a consultation so I can snap you out of it.

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