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Wonder Woman Didn't Chase a Man- Neither Should You!

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I saw "Wonder Woman" a few weeks ago and was blown away about many things in the film- the special effects, plot, strong character development, and many other things. However, another thing struck me: Wonder Woman is an old fashioned woman, despite being the epitome of a strong independent woman (and feminist icon). Simply put, strong women don't chase men. Why? They simply don't have to.

First, let's start with her look. Wonder Woman is gorgeous- whether portrayed by Lynda Carter, Gal Gadot, or in the comics. Not only is she physical beautiful, but she exercises, eats a balanced diet, and is conscious of her inner and outer beauty. In short, she radiates by simply being a woman. To get a man's attention, she has to say or do very little. She looks good, feels good, and is confident. People- especially men- respond to that. She isn't sitting in her room crying over a man eating cookies and cream ice cream. Instead, she's training as a warrior and kicking butt.

While she does save Steve Trevor, Chris Pine's character, there isn't much in the way of romance there. However, as an Amazon, she was designed to protect the human race. As a human, he's very curious about her from early on as she is unlike any woman that he has ever met. However, she doesn't chase him and does her own thing. To be fair, she has an obligation to protect the drowning American pilot, pull him out of the water, and figure out what's going on. But, in a romantic sense- she doesn't pursue him. They are simply colleagues- although you can tell that he's go to London and attempt to stop The Great War.

Later on, things get interesting. Now, let's keep something in mind: Wonder Woman is too busy saving the day to worry about Steve Trevor. However, after they liberate the village of Veld, they not only share a kiss but, it is implied that they are intimate as well. A romance starts to develop and he is the one initiating it. While there is a concern about the lack of proper courtship on his end, they do have some very extreme circumstances. In this sense, Wonder Woman made a few mistakes. However, she did the basics.

First, she didn't worry about a man- she worried about herself. She has a job, life, family, friends and mission. While most modern women want to find the person that they will spend the rest of their life with, it wasn't a huge deal for her. Men weren't her whole life. However, meeting the right one did add to her life (even if their romance was sadly short lived).

Secondly, she looked great. As mentioned, she eats healthy food, exercises, and makes sure she looks put together. While she doesn't necessarily have to fuss over this a lot, she still puts in the effort. In the movie, you can tell that Steve Trevor is interested in her fairly early on. However, she's totally oblivious (which is probably because she has never met a man before).

Finally, she has a life. She simply doesn't have time to chase men! As a modern millennial woman, it baffles me that other women claim that they don't have time for many things (exercising, hanging out, taking social actions, etc). However, many of these women have time to pursue men, get hurt, and end up feeling awful. Ladies, the only time it's ever okay to initiate contact with a man is if you two are established as "just friends". However, don't lie to yourself: "just friends" really does mean just that- not that you are secretly into him and hope your friendship blossoms into something more.

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