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You Shouldn't Have To Do More Than Show Up

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Five second flirting. Go ahead and talk to him. Have wild sex. Try this new trick and wow him in bed. Wear this. Do your hair like that. Cover up. Show some skin. Lose ten pounds. Men love this- do it. Wow him. Please him. Impress him. Pay your half. Buy HIM drinks. Give him a blowjob. Do whatever he wants. Buy him this. Cook him that. Clean his house. Do his laundry. Give. Give more. You're tired? Whatever, put him first. It's all about him. Move in with him first. Settle.

This is some of the bullshit advice women hear. But, you know what it takes to win over Mr. Right? JUST. SHOW. UP. Mr. Right won't need any of that. Mr. Right will fall in love with your look and essence as a woman. He will approach you. It may be sneaky, it may be brazen. But, he WILL approach. A lot of other men will too.

Instead of "five second flirting" or trying to get his attention, put your effort into showing up, looking great, and feeling fantastic. Go to as many social events as you can and sign up for online dating. Pick up hobbies and explore new interests- like learning a new language or a singles sports league. Volunteer for a cause you care about or a political campaign. Just GO. It can be hard after a long week- I know that all too well. But, you have to show up.

Do looks matter in dating? Absolutely. But, don't resort to extremes. There is someone for everyone. While some things may give you a harder time dating, work with what you have. Looks play a part in the initial attraction. But, looks won't keep a man. If they did, there wouldn't be so many gorgeous celebrities on their second or third marriage. Mr. Right won't care if you need to lose twenty pounds or if you don't have the perfect body. Take care of yourself and work with what you have.

Don't do what he wants or aim to please him. Instead, do what YOU want and let him please YOU. He wins you over and you are the prize. All you have to do is SHOW. UP.

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