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    “Hey! You should try this new thing called ‘Facebook’. It’s invite-only but, I can send you one.” This conversation happened fifteen years ago and I still remember it clearly- even though it seemed so insignificant. A stylish twenty-something Agnes Scott student who was a friend at the time...
    February 7, 2019 · rules tv review
    I've recently been hooked on the show Medium and watched all seven seasons on Amazon Prime. Some of you may not know this, but I am very spiritual and believe in ghosts and mediums. In fact, I saw one after my best friend's suicide and it was a very powerful experience. So, the show seemed...
    January 11, 2019 · dating advice,motivation,relationships,men,women
    Somewhere along the line, women accepted being treated as second best. Disguised as egalitarianism, splitting the bill, having to ask men out, and accepting crumbs became acceptable. Despite making gains in the work place, household, politics, and many other fields I could list, most women have...
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  • Who is Cait Morrigan?

    I am a writer and passionate about helping people find fulfilling relationships. In fact, I got the idea for Simply Men and Women while driving for Lyft and Uber when passengers would ask for her advice on their dating problems and pitfalls. I started giving away so much quality dating advice that I decided to turn it into a business.


    The whole concept for Simply Men and Women started about six years ago when I was talking to a friend- completely devastated by a break up. I had a blog and then got rid of it (although no idea why). Instead of dating guys who weren't that serious, I started dating men who treated me with respect and taking me seriously. Instead of feeling like I had to ask men on dates (under the guise of "being gutsy and confident"), I started getting asked out on dates.


    It breaks my heart to see women- especially in my generation- wasting their dating years with men who aren't serious, won't marry them, and waste their time. My goal is to help modern women- especially young millennials and young professionals- find the love that they deserve.


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    Consultations, blog posts, and correspondence between client and coach are privileged, private and confidential. Advice is personalized and customized to your age, background, values, skills and needs at the time it was given. Any advice given in a private consultation was intended for that recipient only and for their benefit. It may not be suitable or appropriate for any other individual. Clients are strictly forbidden from sharing anything discussed in consultations- including with any other individuals or online groups.


    Coaching sessions and classes are for personal development and self-empowerment. Coaching is not psychotherapy or a substitute for psychotherapy to treat illness or the effects of trauma. I am not a trained psychologist or mental health professional.


    All coaching sessions are non-refundable. I acknowledge that this consultation will be by e-mail. However, Cait Morrigan will keep consultations confidential to the best of her ability.


    I assume full responsibility for myself, for this work or any results of this work and hereby release Cait Morrigan from any and all liability.


    I further understand and agree that the consultation and advice given are the sole result of the information that are furnished to me. Any decisions of mine, as a result of this advice, is solely my responsibility.

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